Virtual National Fundraiser

To all our generous donors and supporters of the United Holy Land Fund.

HAPPY RAMDAN .”W kuL- AAM -Wantum Bekhueer”

I wish each of you, your families & friends good health especially in these difficult times.

As many of you know every year we have many functions to raise funds for our Orphans and students in Palestine, but this year we were forced to  cancel many of these functions because of the Pandemic.

Furthermore, we used to depend on the Holy Month of Ramadan to raise more necessary donations through the generous support of our Mosques across the States.

Because of the Pandemic, all of these activities are out of the picture this year. On April 2nd we started our National Fundraiser to support our Orphans /students and our people now in urgent need in Palestine.

We named the fundraiser “WE SHALL NEVER FORGET… SAMDOON”.

With your generous and continuous support we reached over $4000,000 today, getting closer each day to our goal of $750,000.

Special thanks to our Executive Director Haj Aburmishan and his Assistant Majda Owaida for a great job at our central office in Chicago managing and coordinating other chapters across the states and working daily with the Executive committee to raise the funds.

Great shout out to our Board members and volunteers in Chicago, New York and New-Jersy for a job well done.

So, on behalf of the Executive committee and the Board of Directors of the UHLF we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you for your generous donations.

You are now making a huge difference in helping our most needy Palestinians in these desperate times.

Please keep up the good work & keep finding a way to give.


Ramadan Kareem.
God Bless you…Insallah
Dr. Quaseem Blan