Letter from the President of United Holy Land Fund,

(Ramadan Mubarak to all of you)
It’s has been a great honor and pleasure for me to serve this great humanitarian organization (UHLF) in support of Palestinian students at Colleges and Universities in the West Bank and Gaza. It also continues to serve and support our orphans through the services of Project Loving Care.
I join other members of our Board in expressing our deep gratitude and admiration for our loyal and generous donors, Palestinians and non-Palestinians who support both students and orphans every year.

We are proud of our long record of transferring all of our fundraising to the Universities in support of education and training for our most needy students. Our current program provides scholarships for five hundred (500) students across the West Bank and Gaza. And over (500) hundred Orphans too.

Given the deteriorating political situation and increasing poverty, we have been asked, actually begged to double our efforts and provide scholarships to one thousand (1000) students in the coming year. And support our needy people during this pandemic.

Education is something that cannot be lost or stolen and is key to a better life and quality leadership. Our young men and women are highly intelligent and anxious to graduate from University and serve as future leaders of Palestine. Today they rely on us to help them cross that bridge to a better and stronger future through education in Science, Medicine, Engineering, and all fields.

Therefore on their behalf I’m asking each of you at this critical time to make it possible for one student to graduate from college. You can also help an Orphan to survive, grow up and become a proud Palestinian for Just $50 a month. Together as a community we have the power and the resources to answer their request for help.

Let 2020 be the year we stood with our young and achieved the goal of scholarships for more than 500 students. And I hope as we fast in this generous month we remember our needy people in Palestine.

Finally, I would like to salute and offer sincere thanks to our many fine members, volunteers at our Local and National level, the National Ex. Committees and our Board of Directors.

Together… We Shall Succeed. 

May Allah Bless all of you and your families. And Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

Thank you,
Dr. Quaseem Blan