UHLF Grant Policy

All Applications need to be downloaded, filled out completely, signed and emailed back to us at the end of a completed semester. Additionally, all supporting documents must be emailed as well. Only students who successfully completed at least one semester with minimum of 12 credit hours can apply. Repeat students need not apply every semester. The numbers of scholarship grants given are equal to the number of graduated students at each university, with the exemption of privately but qualified sponsored students.

It is our policy to continue the grant scholarship till graduation as long as the student maintains and agrees to the following:-

  1. Proven economical needs.
  2. 75% or (B-) accumulative (GPA) reported to us the end of every semester
  3. Minimum of 12 credit hours per semester registered in and successfully completed.
  4. Proper scholastic conduct and non-violent personal reputation.
  5. Pledges to help students like him/her after graduation and employment.
  6. Cooperate with his or her perspective university to promote the United Holy Land Fund Educational Scholarship Grant Program in Palestine and the USA.
  7. All Communications are to be directly with the National Office of UHLF at:

Address: 6000 W. 79th St., Burbank, IL 60459 USA

Tel: +1-708-430-1968 | Fax: +1-708-430-9936 

e-Mail: info@uhlf.global

  1. No fees, gratuity or bribe is to be given to anyone to obtain this scholarship grant.
  2. The scholarship is $500/semester, ($250) for QOU students, ($400) PTKU students and Al-Aqsa U. students to feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers.
  3. Filling out the UHLF Scholarship Application is NOT a guarantee of acceptance into the program.

[  ] I have read and understand the contents of this policy and will act in accord with its provisions and procedures as a condition of my grant from United Holy Land Fund.

Name:  ____________________________________                    I. D. (Hawieh)# ______________ 


Signature: ______________________________                            Date:  _______________________


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