United Holy Land Fund, Inc.

The United Holy Land Fund “UHLF” is an American Palestinian charitable, Tax-exempt (436-100111), humanitarian nonpolitical organization. It has been diligently working to alleviate the plight of needy Palestinians since 1968, and in full compliance with the federal, state and local governmental rules and regulations.

Our Mission

Helping the Palestinian people to be productive, peace loving and self sufficient in their own country by building, enhancing and nurturing their health, social economical, and educational institutions.

Our Vision

We cater to the needs of orphans , widows, handicapped, injured and the unskilled. We support vocational, civic, educational, health and rehabilitation programs, and help needy Palestinians to cope with the hardships caused by the Israeli military occupation.

Striving to care for and educate orphans and needy in Palestine

Structure and Character

The organization is governed by elected 23 dedicated National Board Members who annually elect an executive committee that overseas the organization affairs with the help of hundreds of volunteers in the local chapters, but only 2 National Office paid staff. The organization’s transparency, efficiency and dedication to its mission is second to none, for it deploys 100% of all restricted funds, and 83% of all General Funds to its intended purpose. Its financial statements are prepared and audited by the highly regarded Certified Public Accounting firm of Najjar and Gossien, LLC for the last 15 years.

UHLF Resources

To raise the funds that pay for these programs, we depend wholly on the generosity of people like you, philanthropic and religious institutions. Additionally, the organization holds annual fundraising banquets, hosting distinguished speakers, entertainers and Palestinian Folklore Troupes in its main chapters (New York/New Jersey, Chicago and California).

UHLF Programs

The United Holy Land Fund, to the best of its ability underwrites the costs the following programs: