About Us

United Holy Land Fund, Inc.

The United Holy Land Fund (www.uhlf.org) is an American Palestinian charitable, Tax-exempt (436-100111), humanitarian nonpolitical organization. It has been diligently working to alleviate the plight of needy Palestinians since 1968, and in full compliance with the federal, state, and local governmental rules and regulations. It is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization.

Our Mission

Helping the Palestinian people to be productive, peace loving and self sufficient in their own country by building, enhancing, and nurturing their health, social economical, and educational institutions”.

We cater to the needs of orphans, widows, handicapped, injured and the unskilled. We support vocational, civic, educational, health and rehabilitation programs, and help needy Palestinians to cope with the hardships caused by the Israeli military occupation. .

Our Vision

“Striving to care for and educate orphans and needy in Palestine.”

Striving to care for and educate orphans and needy in Palestine

Structure and Character

The organization is governed by elected and dedicated National Board Members who annually elect an executive committee that oversees the organization affairs with the help of hundreds of volunteers in the local chapters, but only 3 National Office paid staff. The organization’s transparency, efficiency and dedication to its mission is second to none, for it deploys 100% of all restricted funds, and 83% of all General Funds to its intended purpose. Its financial statements are prepared and audited by the highly regarded Certified Public Accounting firm.

UHLF Resources

To raise the funds that pay for these programs, we depend wholly on the generosity of people like you, philanthropic and religious institutions. Additionally, the organization holds annual fundraising banquets, hosting distinguished speakers, entertainers, and Palestinian Folklore Troupes in its main chapters (New York/New Jersey, Chicago, and California).

UHLF Programs

The United Holy Land Fund, to the best of its ability underwrites the costs the following programs:
General: where funds are used for special and limited projects and or in emergencies that occurs often in any stricken area at any time in historical Palestine or in the Palestinian Refugees’ camps in the surrounding area. Like all other UHLF programs, it is publicly supported to help urgent needs of suffering Palestinians such as Syria, Lebanon etc. It is funded by any unrestricted donations that are either sent to the national office or raised by the local chapters.

Project Loving Care (PLC)

PLC-P is a children sponsorship program that caters to the distressed orphans and disadvantaged children in Palestine. The sponsorships are administered through established, registered, reputable, and well recognized charitable institutions in the Palestine. Some examples of such entities are:

  • Al Isra’ Orphans Society in Jericho 25
  • Albait Alsamed Society in Gaza 400
  • Bethlehem Orphans Care Society 25
  • Dar Al-yateem Alarabi in Tulkarm 58
  • Hebron Orphan Girls at HICS 25
  • Inash El-Usra in El-Beireh 50
  • Islamic Industrial Orphanage Soc. Al-aizariya/Jerusalem 25
  • Jenin Orphans Society 25
  • Saraya Center in Jerusalem 50
  • Taddamon Orphans Society in Nablus 50
  • Red Crescent Soc. North Hebron 30
  • Red Crescent Soc. Raja’ Handicap Center-Hebron 70
  • Ajaweed Orphans Soc. / Ramallah 175

Total sponsored more than 1,000
Sponsorship is only $600 per year ($1.64 a day) per child or orphan. The funds distributed to the children through these institutions in increments of $150 per quarter, along with 10% for the orphanage homes for their administrative services. Funds are deposited in the orphan/guardian bank account.
PLC-P sponsorship is only a helping hand – for most it is the only one – to help provide food, clothing, and school supplies these children desperately need to improve their lives. Unfortunately, the continued Israeli military occupation causes an increase in the numbers of these unfortunate children almost daily. However, thanks to the fortitude of this program, these children and orphans in Palestine are given a sliver of hope and that someone cares about them.

Educational Scholarship Grant (ESG)

Stats & Facts…
The grant offers $600 per semester toward tuition, twice a year.
The program covers eligible students in all the Palestinian Universities.
The number of new students accepted in the program is equal to the number graduating from each university. One student per family.
The grant is awarded to students enrolled in fall and spring semesters only.
The grants recipients are selected by a special UHLF committee.
Funds are transferred directly to the students’ perspective university on behalf of the students, every semester.

Institutions we support

  • Al-Aqsa University/ Gaza 50
  • Al-Azhar University / Gaza 50
  • Al-Israa University / Gaza 50
  • Al-Najah University / Nablus 30
  • Al-Quds Open University – 18 campuses in the West Bank & Gaza Strip 305
  • Al-Quds University / Jerusalem 90
  • Applied Science University / Gaza 50
  • Arab American University / Jenin 30
  • Bethlehem University / Bethlehem 30
  • Bir Zeit University / Bir Zeit 75
  • Gaza University / Gaza 50
  • Hebron University / Hebron 45
  • Palestine Ahliya University / Bethlehem 30
  • Palestine Polytechnic University / Hebron 35
  • Palestine Technical University (khaduri) / Tulkarm 50
  • Palestine University / Gaza 50
  • Zaituna University / Salfeet 10

Total Scholarship 1,000

Enrollment in an accredited 4-year institution.
Accumulative (gpa) of 75% or better once enrolled in college.
Proper personal conduct in and out of school is a considering factor.
Nominated academically eligible students from UHLF supported orphanage societies have a priority.
Proven economical need.
Completion of UHLF application with all needed supporting documents.

More than 400 students graduate annually.
More than $2.5 million was transferred though this program.
More than 90% of the donations are from our communities.
More than 35% of the students are needy orphans.
More than 67% of the students are females.
More than 25% of the graduates continue to pursue post graduate degrees.
More than 60% find jobs locally and /or in the surrounding countries.

Education Scholarship Grants are given annually

Looking forward …
Upon graduation and gainful employment, sponsored students are expected to help and assist eligible students in need as they were.
Sponsored students might be asked to participate in UHLF efforts to promote, explain and expand the program.
Sponsored students are expected to perform community services, such as grammar or high school tutoring, volunteering at hospital, senior homes, or other local aid societies.
We hope the day comes when this program is self-sufficient where the graduated students’ contribution helps fund the needs of other disadvantaged students.

Ramadan Drive

We are hardest at work during the blessed month of Ramadan. In addition to celebrating this holy month with reverence, fasting and adoration, we collectively and individually utilize all available resources to collecting and sending funds from Annual Zakah, Zakat Elfitr and General Sadaqa to the needy but academically excellent college students at all (4-years) Universities in Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip).
Thanks to you, the United Holy Land Fund this year is celebrating its 54 years of serving educational and development needs of the Palestinian in the West Bank and Gaza. The Educational Scholarship Grant Program provides an opportunity to 365 needy college students in the major Palestinian universities to help them realize a life dream of higher education. Annually, the average number of graduating students is more than 400 with bachelor’s degree in many fields of study. One can only imagine the pleasure and the pride that these graduates bring to their families as they enter the workforce. Some of the beneficiaries from this program are “giving back” to help educate needy students like them. This is what the UHLF Educational Scholarship Grant Program is all about; People Helping People… And with your help, the mission will continue forward….

United Holy Land Fund is 100% publicly supported