To Palestinians, Education is the Passport to Freedom

UHLF 53rd annual fund1 2
UHLF 53rd annual fund

Dear UHLF Supporters,
I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for supporting our beloved organization, the United Holy Land
Fund. I want to welcome our new supporters and our dedicated donors who showed us how to build our organization
to a higher standard in the last few years. Your donations continue to provide our students and orphans in Palestine
with a better life and more opportunity.
We are excited to let you know that in the past 3-years, with your generous donations, we were able to provide our
needy people with $4.5-5 million that supported our orphans and students at all Universities in Gaza and the West
Bank in Palestine.
UHLF will continue to expand and grow as long as our people in Palestine need us. In my last visit this summer to
many of the Universities and the students benefiting from our Scholarship, I learned firsthand that the demand is still
great. That is why I proposed to the Board of Directors that we increase the number of scholarships this year to at
least 1,000 so we can meet the urgent demand of our needy people. Therefore, I set our goal for the second fundraising
activity to reach and hopefully exceed $750,000.
I have complete faith that this goal will be reached before the end of this year. However, from my long experience
with UHLF, I know that the most notable factor in this organization is YOU, our dedicated supporters. I hope we will
continue to earn your trust, support, and loyalty, and I hope you will help us stay on our mission by providing the
necessary support to our people in Palestine.
Respectfully Yours,
Dr. Quaseem Blan
President, UHLF


The grant offers $1,000/year (about $500 per semester) towards tuition.
The program now covers 800 sponsored students in all the
Palestinian Universities.
The number of new students accepted in the program is equal to the number
of graduating from each university.
The grant is awarded to students enrolled in Fall and Spring semesters only.
The grant recipients are selected by a specialized UHLF committee.
Funds are transferred directly to the students’ prospective university on
behalf of the students.


Enrollment in an accredited 4-year institution.
Accumulative (GPA) of (B) or better once enrolled in college.
Proper personal conduct in and out of school is an essential factor.
Eligible students from UHLF supported orphanage societies have a
They have proven economic need.
Completion of UHLF application with all needed supporting


More than 2000 students graduated in the last seven years.
More than $2,000,000 was transferred through this program.
More than 90% of the donations are from the American Palestinian
More than 35% of the students are needy orphans.
More than 67% of the students are females.
More than 25% of the graduates continue to pursue post
Graduate degrees.
More than 60% find jobs locally and /or in the surrounding countries.


Upon graduation and gainful employment, sponsored students
are expected to help and assist eligible students in need as
they once were.
Sponsored students might be asked to participate in UHLF
efforts to promote, explain and expand the program.
Sponsored students are expected to perform community
services, such as grammar or high school tutoring, volunteer
at hospitals, senior homes, or other local aid societies.
We hope the day comes when this program is self-sufficient,
where the alumni’s contributions will help fund the needs of
other disadvantaged students.